Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Recent goings on clothes makeup and life

Well hello my Sparkles, 

I hope you are all keeping well and this week has gotten off to a good start for you all. 
My post today is going to be a bit of a mismatch of things as I try to fill you in on why I am MIA so much and to answer a few questions I have received from you guys asking if everything is ok. And of course there is also some recent clothes haul pics hehehe. 

So lets get the bad stuff out the way first eh . .  

I have been trying to get back and forth to visit my mum in the UK as much as possible as she is in the middle of fighting Cancer. She was diagnosed at the beginning of the year and started chemo, which let me say is not nice to watch her go through. 

Then I suffer with Bi-polar which as you may be able to imagine with the whole mum stuff has decided to kick my butt recently, some days I don't even manage to get out of bed, and others I can be up out and running round for 3 days straight. Does not make for a very productive way of doing things though I can tell ya. 

So instead of keeping the blog and facebook page and you tube up to date with all this stuff I felt it was better to just wait till I was having a better day so you guys didn't have to read all the depressing stuff. 

Now I have answered your messages about where I am, what I am up to etc time for some of the more fun stuff. . . . 

With everything thats been going on I have managed to loose almost all my weight I had planned on. Look at the difference in my face in just a few months. Ive done nothing different but I guess stress and a side order of worry can be useful with some things. 

Hubbie and I spent the weekend with some dear friends here in Norway. They live about an hours drive from us. The two guys use to work together before my hubbie was layed off on sick leave oh yeah thats another busy aspect of life at the moment living with a disabled hubbie..... anyway moving on . . . I am very much a believer in upcycling and passing on things to others that I no longer use or need, and Maria is the same. So on Saturday we spent the day going through her closet and let me tell you man am I jealous lol . . . this woman has closet space most of us only dream about lol. 

      Chanel purse and a lovely winged necklace

I came away with so much stuff it took me 2 days to sort through it all and put it all away lol. I have only given you a few items on here as there was far to much to take pics of everything.

      Simple black maxi dress and chanel belt.

I love the bling and the chain  on this belt. It is right up my street.

Black corset leather mini skirt and a corset style top. 

Im not sure who liked these outfits the most hubbie or me lol.

                 Wool knit dresses

Come on I live in Norway it may well be spring time apparently but it is still cold and snowing as I write this.

    Back lace dress and a lilac summer dress

Well spring and summer will arrive eventually wont it? So I have got to be prepared right?!?!

There has of course been a little of the old makeup hauling in between as I just cant resist the call of makeup and I have started to get back into an old hobbie of mine penpaling Do any of you still put pen to paper and send happy mail?

Well this evening we are off to a BBQ and yes I did tell you it was snowing and yes we will be BBQing outside crazy life of a norwegian I guess lol. But it is all in a good course as I am going to be working as well on some interesting avenues to take my makeup business so hopefully my next blog post will be more up beat and fun for you guys to read with lots of positive aspects in.

Thanx for caring, thanx for reading and hopefully speak to you all soon.

Big hugs from my house to yours

Love and new clothes


Monday, March 17, 2014

Photo Shoot

Good morning my little Sparkles, 

I hope everyone had a good weekend and the start of the week has started off well for you all. 

As some of you may know, I had my first photo shoot as a free lancing MUA on Saturday. It was so much fun and went really well. 

The photo shoot was in a place called Austmarka here in Norway with a local photo club, grenseland-fotoklubb. I can not thank them enough for the opportunity they gave to me. Everyone was so welcoming and the place they had chosen for the shoot was beautiful. 

The day was a little cold and windy, but the location was perfect for the natural rustic look that was wanted.

My day started at 7 am which is a little early for me lol esp without ALOT of coffee, but after my drive to meet with everyone I was awake and ready to go. 

Here are a couple of photo's from the shoot. i am very pleased with how they look. My models where lovely and the photographers have done a great job at capturing their natural beauty. 

Model: Kaja Caroline Kojan
Photographer:  Gunner Johnsen.

Model: Linda Kristin Storrø Henriksen
Photographer: Lasse Svenson

Model: Kaja Caroline Kojan.
Photographer: Knut Hvithammer

Model: Kaja Caroline Kojan.
Photographer: Merethe Sundt.

 Model: Linda Kristin Storrø Henriksen
Photographer:  Per-Martin Grambo

Model: Kaja Caroline Kojan.
Photographer:  Per-Martin Grambo

Please remember all photos are NOT for reproduction without permission from all parties. 

What are your plans for this week? I am going to build my online portfolio a little, and then I am going to decide  if it is appropriate to contact local photography studios to enquire about any vacancies they may have. Would you do it? What would you say? 

Ok folks thats enough from me today with my photos, I hope you enjoy them and please let me know what you think? What was your first free lance photo shoot like, did you have a good experience? 

Hope you all have a great week and remember to Sparkle, 

Love and hugs from me to you 


Friday, March 14, 2014

St Patricks day inspired look and opinions wanted

Happy Friday my Sparkles woohoo its the weekend!

 Do any of you have any plans? 

As you know I am working tomorrow at a photo shoot sooo excited but tomorrow night hubbie and I plan on celebrating with 2 dear friends, I dont suppose I will be home much before Sunday afternoon lol. 
Anyway I am having a pamper day today after hoovering and washing all the floors, its a daily chore with having 3 huskys! It was then onto my hair and skin. I mean come on I have got to be glowing tomorrow cant have the models out doing me now can I lol. 

Now I have a question for you I am off back to the UK soon and intend on doing a little shopping. So what is your favorite must have full coverage foundation, primer and highlighter? Give me a few items you cant live without so I can try them please, They can be drug store or high end. 

Dont foget to check out the  FACEBOOK page event for this months swap and sign up for it. 

Last night I had a little bit of a play around with some green eye shadow and lips, to create a look to wear on Monday to celebrate St Patricks Day. No I am not Irish but I do come from Liverpool, which is known as Little Ireland due to the fact there are a lot of Irish decendents there. 

What do you think? Please excuse my lovely yellow band lol Im liking the way my eyes look in the top picture. 
Well thats all from me folks to have a great weekend with love and hugs from my house to yours 


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

NYX haul

As you may have seen by some of my pictures on Instagram recently I did a fair sized haul from NYX. I kept promising to write this post and to share what I ordered and to give my first impressions on the items I have already used. 

I have in no way been able to use every item as yet although wait till Saturday when I am working and I am sure there will be lots of pictures and first impressions to come from that. 

I fell in love with NYX while I was in America at New Year and was thrilled to be able to find it when I came back home to Norway and to be approved as a NYX retailer, ( busy building web site and business page so watch this space). 

So what did I get and what have I used so far I hear you ask, 

Illuminator - Narcissistic    LOVE it! 

Round Lip Gloss
36 Ballerina Pink

Round Lip Gloss
24 Cafe Latte

Round Lip Gloss
29 Shiny Ice

Matte Bronzer
Light MBB01                          Another product that I hav fallen in love with

Matte Bronzer
Medium MBB03

Roll On Shimmer

Roll On Shimmer

Pore Filler Primer                                This is a great dupe for Benefits pore fessional 

Doll Eye Mascara - Waterproof

Doll Eye Mascara - Volume

Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick

Matte Lipstick
Sweet Pink

Matte Lipstick

HD Eye Shadow Base

Jumbo Eye Pencil

HD Studio Photogenic Foundation

HD Studio Photogenic Foundation
Farge                                                                A great foundation smooth to apply and does not feel heavy 
Soft Beige

Eyeshadow Base
Farge                                                          Love this makes the colours pop!
Base White                           

Eyebrow Cake Powder

Eyebrow Cake Powder
Dark Brown

Concealer Jar

Concealer Jar

Mosaic Powder Blush

Mosaic Powder Blush
Farge                                               perfect blush 

Black Label Lipstick

Black Label Lipstick
Italian Chic

Black Label Lipstick
Hot Pink

So my sparkles what NYX products have you tried loved or hated? 

Have a great wednesday and speak to you all soon. 

Love and Foundation Vikkie 

Woohoo Im excited

Good evening sparkles 

My gosh I am so excited its only Tuesday and I have got to wait all the way till Saturday for my first free lancing job as an MUA! 

Let me say that one more time incase you didnt understand it the first time . . . Are you ready . . . 


I will be working with 2 models and a photographer. Yes I will be instagraming pics through out the day so dont forget to watch out for them.

I am so super excited and hopefully this will lead to more free lancing with the photographers if all goes well on Saturday so please wish me luck. 

Would you like to see video clips as well of us working and what it is like on a shoot set? 

Have a great evening folks sparkle and dont forget anything is possible you can make your dreams come true. 

Hugs and excitement 



Good Morning Sparkles, 

Todays post is a quick share of a few different makeup looks and colours I have been using over the past month or so. 

i love experimenting with colour and find that lips are the easiest and a dramatic way to change and spice up a look quickly. 

I recently went to Liverpool to visit my folks and stupidly forgot to pack my lipstick hahaha i guess thats as good an excuse to buy another one as anything else right?!?!

I started out with a pink lip and then replaced it with a bold red colour . . .  which one do you like best? 

Another look I use alot is bold lined eyes with a muted lip. This look is using benefits bene tint which I love for just that hint of colour. 

This look I used more of a dramatic eye and a plain lip. Eyes are another great way to play and dramatise a look but remember to pick either ur eyes or lips to play with dont try and do it with both aspects at the same time.

I recently did a NYX haul (will share in a different post the products I got) and decided to use some of them to create a soft natural look.

So my sparkles, what makeup do you like to experiment with? Do you have a go to look or do you wear something different every day?

Well thats it for my quick look share today hope you are all having a great start to the week.

Stay safe and well and dont forget to sparkle

love and lipstick


Monday, March 10, 2014

Small haul

Good afternoon my sparkles, 

What a lovely sunny day it is here in Norway today. What about where you are? 

I left hubbie in bed today and decided to head into the local town and do a wee bit of shopping and pampering of myself in the form of having my haircut. Now for those of you who may know me you will know this is quite a  big thing for me as I am so fussy when it comes to people cutting my hair and trust issues, however at 10 this morning I was relaxed and enjoying having my head played with. As  much as I have trust issues with people when they have a pair of scissors in their hands washing my hair is a different story lol. 

So after my little pamper session I headed into the shopping centre, now ok to most of you that is going to sound like there is a ton of shops but trust me I think there is about 20 and for where I live thats a lot lol. 

After having a wee wonder around I headed into the trusted makeup store, well whats a girl to do, Hi I am Vikkie and I have a makeup addiction. 

I picked up these 3 items by a swedish company called viva la diva. They are cruelty free and the lipstick lid is inlayed with little crystals  . .  soo sweet. 

Next up was these 3 lip products by Rimmel London. We do not get a huge selection of Rimmel products here, which is a shame. I have been wanting to try the Apocalips products since they first came out but up untill today  I had never seen them here, unfortunatly there was only this one shade :(

I thien treated myself to these two tops. I am normally just a vest top kinda girl but I also have a weakness for lace effect and cut away shoulders or backs so I couldnt resist this black top above.

The cut of the peach one is a little flared around the bottom so it hides them little lumps and bumps some of us have lol. No idea what I will wear it with though. Do you ever do that, buy something but then have nothing to wear it with so it sits in your closet till you either A) buy something  or B) throw or give it away ?

Well on that front I am off to do some house work and upload a video etc etc. Hope everyone has had or is having an amazing Monday.

Keep Sparkling

Love and Lipstick